Alyssa Soulmates in search of donor

My fiance and I are hoping to find someone who is willing to help us to have our first child together. We have 2 children now (They both came with me from my past relationship). We have been together now for 7 years. I am 29 yrs old and I identify as a bisexual woman and My partner is 30 yrs old and identifies as FTM transgender. Being unable to conceive together has brought some heartache our way.

I know that together we make an amazing parenting team already and I want nothing more than to give to him a baby of his own. We feel this would complete our lives and our family. We’re both educated and both have steady and secure employment. We both have big families who are very much involved in our lives and our children’s lives. We dedicate our free time to our children, movie nights, park days, fishing, hiking, learning as we go and travelling when we can. We’re goal oriented in life and certainly with our children. We are always planning and preparing for all of our futures. I am italian and my fiance he is English Scottish french.

Both have brown hair and eyes. We’re hoping to find a donor of similar decent 🙂 We would like to speak more in detail with anyone Interested in giving such a gift, someone who feels they may be a good match for us. We have alot of questions for you of course and are absolutely open to answering any of yours. We’re looking to raise our child on our own and so no contact after conception is the route we feel we would like to take. We prefer to remain as anonymous as possible and this goes both ways. We can promise the same level of respect and anonymity for you as well. AI preferred. We’re so grateful to all of the donors out there, everyday making such a choice to give. Please if you would like to explore this further with us send us a message with some basic details, (hometown and highly personal info can remain private) a pic pls if possible as it’s of obvious importance to match with us lol if you reach out we will get back to you as soon as we can 🙂

Thank you so much!!!

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