Aly – Vancouver BC sperm donor.

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First of all, thank you for looking at my profile. I’ve been a very successful single mom now for nearly 4 years and as much as I’ve tried, have not found “the one.” At 39 I feel I’m running out of time to get to know someone (2 years) get married ( 1year or so of planning), etc, I’ll run out of time. Probably a typical scenario on here.

I am NOT looking for any sort of romantic involvement(not that it’s happened before lol).

I have been very successful during my career. I was the youngest student to be accepted into the best media broadcasting school in Canada.

I am very medicognitive and have run my own daycare for 10 years and put myself through medical transcription school getting a 94% average.

Through this I have landed my dream career into care aid.

I’m an older mom and I have used a donor on here before. It’s not been long term but I haven’t gotten pregnant yet. Got along great with the donor but they moved away.
All my children were from a previous marriage and the last time I was pg was 6 years ago. I do have 5 children who are now older and we all would like to add to our sweet family.

It’s my birthday in a few weeks and after trying for a year and a half, I’d like my bday present baby 🙂
Seriously though, I have a donor who I have been with to conceive and he and his gf are going across the world for a bit.
I am an active 39 year old, 5 foot 9 tall, straight and single, not wanting to wait for “the one,” and nor do i have time for it to have another lil one..

I’m also having trouble finding a donor in the Vancouver BC area.

Please read my provile, and I can show you more pictures of what I look like etc.

Only serious inquiries please 🙂 I would prefer someone fairly close in proximity.

Thanks so much!!View Alyssa’s Profile and contact her NOW!

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  1. Hello,

    I am interested in this offer, feel free to contact me.
    Race: White
    Height: 6’4
    Weight: 195lbs athletic build
    Eyes: Blue
    Hair: Light brown
    Education: Bachelors of science, pursuing a Masters of Biology

    Full bill of health.Drug and disease free. No genetic defects. Willing to provide genome data.

    Hobbies include reading, research, athletics, hiking, camping, and martial arts.

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