Allison – Single woman seeking a sperm donor.

Hey everyone! I am a single, 25 year old woman who is looking to find a sperm donor.

I feel that being a mother is my calling in life and seek to fulfill that dream soon hopefully. I am an Early Childhood Educator and I live in Red Deer, Alberta.

I am financially stable and because of my chosen career, childcare is already looked after.

I am healthy and happy and choose to be a single mother knowing it will be a difficult but worthwhile path.

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  1. Tried messaging you, realized I had to pay to communicate. If you can think of another way than give me a shout

  2. Hi there Iam willing to help u Iam 31 year good looking guy I have 2 kids and I can give u sperms plz message me Iam in Calgary thanks

    1. Hello. Im Nash. Single , 34 year , old, fit, proven fertile gent here , availablen to donate sperm in Alberta. I am fit, intelligent, university educated and good looking. Profile on co-parent match is Nash10. Keep in touch

    2. 25 6′ donor here with good success, higher sperm count and no health issues at all. do nar he re at g ma il. open for AI, PI, NI. home location in calgary but willing to travel canada wide (some conditions) and i’ll be traveling Ontario Toronto and Niagara side last week of August. anyone need my help that time feel free inbox me. Cheers

  3. Well, ” Hi ” Hope you found a match but if not – I could be the man for you.
    Single Male just like to continue one of many legacies as You are too.
    Wish to be blunt that I ” Wish Your Permission ” we can do this the Natural Insemination
    upon telling the story of how and where they were born and NOT NO Needle but the Old Fashion Way.

  4. Are you still looking for a donor, I offer ni donations for free, willing to supply photo, drug ,disease, alcohol free. I offer ni because it’s cheap and often a better result than ai.

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