Al Looking to Be a Sperm Donor or Co Parent

47 gay male – 5’9, 155 (max up to 185) muscular/fit, 130 IQ, high EQ, MBA, B. Comm, former business owner, Management Consultant. Spiritual. Interested in co-parenting. I am ethnic (Chinese) interested in a cute interracial boy/girl.

Willing to donate to single heterosexual or lesbian couple with either full/shared or limited parenting responsibilities. I enjoy children and feel I am missing out a big part of my life without having any.

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  1. Hi,
    May i know which part of china or Asia where you were from? If possible, is there a photo of you or taken when you were young. So that i can see if we used yours, our future baby may have 50% looked like you. If you think that my questions were reasonable, can you reply and help us.
    Thank you for your time. Hope i can hear from you later.

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