Known Sperm Donors in Canada

Sperm Donation in Canada
In Canada a sperm donor is either a known donor (where the donor is known to the recipient) or an anonymous donor. An anonymous sperm donor is where the identity of the donor is not known to the recipient but details will legally be made available for later access by the offspring once they reach 18 years of age.

Who can become a known sperm donor?

Becoming a sperm donor can be one of the most generous acts a man can make. One in five couples in Canada have difficulty conceiving a child. A large proportion of these couples experience male factor infertility and need the help of a donor to achieve their dream of a family. In addition, single women and women in same sex relationships also require donor sperm to achieve pregnancy and a child.
There are varying levels of being a known donor. It is for you and your match to agree how much involvement you would like in the child’s life. Involvement can range from a co-parenting agreement where you may have access rights that mean you have the child one weekend a month plus holidays or even popping in to the see the child on a weekly basis if you live locally to your match.

Other known donors like to be seen as an Uncle figure meaning the child may or may not know you as dad but you would be known to the child and involved somewhat in their upbringing.

Considerations should be made with the child’s best interest at heart so it is important to decide early on the level of involvement in order to provide consistency for the child.
Remember as a known donor you carry full parental financial responsibilities.

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  1. Please post

    Hello. I am a Experienced sperm donor offering to help those who desire children. I have 2 successful donations, both trough AI, since starting 1 and a half years ago. I am white, brown hair, blue eyes, athletic build, 5’7 and 170 lbs. I live in central Toronto. I have 9 siblings… 6 sisters and 3 brothers… all from the same parents of 50 plus years of marriage. I have 7 nieces and 11 nephews. There is no genetic history of any major illness/disease/mental health. Please email me at —————— if you would like to talk and meet about donation. Take care

    1. Hello,

      I was hoping you could email me and we could chat. My wife and I are really wanting to start a family. I am looking for someone who has experience with this as well as already done it successfully.

      Thank you

    2. Hello my partner and I are Very interested in conceiving a child together. We are very interested in a private sperm donor we are located 2 hours outside of TO but more than willing to travel if need be.
      Thank you in advance
      Juliana & Angela

    3. Hi,

      I am looking for a sperm donor. I live in Montreal and I’m willing to travel. Can you please email me a picture of yourself. Thank you 🙂

  2. Anonymous sperm donor. Caucasion, with Scotish ancestry. 6′, 240 lbs, 42yo, fit, with no medical histories. No illnesses, no diseases, either medical or psychological. Don’t want any ties or commitments, your child will be your own. Cost is C$1000 for up to 4 samples. Located in HRM, Nova Scotia, you pay travel costs. Sample provided on site in sterile container with sterile syringe.

  3. Lesbian couple looking for a sperm donor in the New Brunswick area we are willing to travel, we are just looking to fulfill a dream and make it a reality. e-mail for more information.

  4. Hi, I am 28 yr male. I am half Russian Half Lebanese 9Mom Russian, dad Lebanese) born and raised in Moscow. I speak 4 languages and i am currently working as an Engineer (graduated 2 years ago from University of Windsor). I am 5,9 athletic dirty blond hair green eyes. I would like to help out a good couple if possible.

    1. Hello my fiance and I need a donor, we would like to start a family and i want to get pregnant in Dec 2016. Are you still donating? Please email me at

  5. I think this website is run by Co-Parentmatch as a means of getting more people to pay for memberships, because it appears as if the only way for us to contact each other is to go to Co-Parentmatch and become a paid member.

    I’m a member there (as a sperm donor, in Ontario, dividing my time between Waterloo and Markdale). My user profile name is vsman1.

    You could try emailing me at ———————————-

  6. hello Jen
    i’m in calgary and willing to help you.

    please reply here and mention the time when we can chat?
    i’m free today till 1pm.

  7. Hey, I am a 19 year old male, 5’11, 175 lbs., I come from a large mainly Irish family (13 aunts and uncles, 40+ cousins all above average intelligence and no large health issues). I have light brown hair and blue eyes. I am athletic (Dad was an NCAA/Pro Hockey Player, I played high level hockey throughout childhood). I have a very high iQ (Tested into the 99th percentile across Canada in all subjects, placed into a Gifted Learner Program, currently enrolled in an Honours Commerce program at Dalhousie University) I am fluent in French and English, also used to be fluent in German as a toddler. I am from Ottawa, you can contact me at ————

  8. Hey, I’m 23 years old male with average built who love to workout. I do not smoke, drink and any drug substance. Back ground wise I’m Pakistani light skin colour. I want to help community. For now I am living in Toronto downtown. If anyone interested email me.

  9. Hello I am a college educated intelligent 6’2” Caucasian male with brown hair and green eyes. I have no disease history and have never had any health issues. I would be open to donating to the right individual/couple. If you would like more information please contact me.

  10. Hello,

    I am willing to talk about this with the right recipient in the Okanagan area of BC. I am a 33 yr old white guy with mixed background that makes me look very exotic. I have a light tan and I am well built and 6’1″. Very healthy and intelligent; if you want to discuss further I guess you have to reply.


  11. Sperm donors willing to do ai , my partner I have been having a difficult time concieving. It be great if someone can help.

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