Donating Sperm in Canada

How can I Donate Sperm in Canada?

Becoming a sperm donor can be one of the most generous acts a man can make. One in five couples in Canada have difficulty conceiving a child. A large proportion of these couples experience male factor infertility and need the help of a donor to achieve their dream of a family.

In addition, single women and women in same sex relationships also require donor sperm to achieve pregnancy and a child.

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  1. Please post

    Hello. I am a Experienced sperm donor offering to help those who desire children. I have 2 successful donations, both trough AI, since starting 1 and a half years ago. I am white, brown hair, blue eyes, athletic build, 5’7 and 170 lbs. I live in central Toronto. I have 9 siblings… 6 sisters and 3 brothers… all from the same parents of 50 plus years of marriage. I have 7 nieces and 11 nephews. There is no genetic history of any major illness/disease/mental health. Please email me at —————- if you would like to talk and meet about donation. Take care

  2. My name is Brandon. I live in Regina Saskatchewan. I am a very healthy young man. I would love to be able to help a couple or single person needing a sperm donor. Please feel free to contact me for more information.

      1. Hi Courteney. I’m Daniel from winkler 33 . Have brown hair and blue eyes. I’m a trucker and I’d u still need some sperm I can help you

  3. I am looking to help a woman or couples conceive. Any race and sexual orientation. I just want to help make your dream of becoming a mom come true. no strings attached. I live in the Winnipeg

    1. Hello,
      My partner and I are looking for a sperm donor. We are a young couple, we’ve been together 5 years and we’re ready to start our family. Please let us know if you’re still interested.

      1. Hello Melanie,

        I am a young, educated (enrolled in a PhD program), and 6’8” healthy individual.

        Get in contact with me if you are interested in knowing more.

        Best regards,

      2. Hi Melanie,

        I might be able to help you out. I’m a 28-year-old, 178cm, 70kg, educated German-Canadian living in the Montreal area.

  4. Well read, well travelled, 6″3 Oxford educated man interested in being a sperm donor for the right woman/couple. Open to travel if necessary.

  5. Hi im looking to help woman concieves. Im a asian
    5.7 tall educated No vices clean im willing to help to donate sperm. Im leaving in Calgary..

  6. Hi I am a male. 52 years old , 5 ft 7 inches. East Indian. From South America. But living in Winnipeg Manitoba Canada. I am a healthy person has 2 beautiful daughters and 1 handsome son , I would like to donate my sperm to help women having children. .

  7. Hey was approached by someone do to a donation but they backed out. Got me thinking that i ca. Help out. Central alberta located let me know.

  8. Sperm donor. I am 27. 5′ 8″ tall. Olive skin. Black hair, brown eyes. I have had my Dna analysed for ancestry and can provide you the details if required. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Mechatronics Engineering. Currently studying a Master of Engineering in mechanical engineering. I have a history of blood work if you would like to see my health history. No major illnesses. My dad has diabetes but I have been tested and do not have it at this age. No history of breast cancer in the family. O identify as queer and am happy to donate sperm to anyone that needs it. I am of average build and exercise 1-2 days weekly. I like the outdoors, camping, science and technology, history to name a few. I live in Toronto and I would prefer to donate via IUI or IVF. I am also open to other methods not involving sex. Happy to meet in person if necessary.

  9. Hi, I am not too sure how this works, but I’m a healthy 6’0, 174lb, asian male with no records of any family illness or disease looking to be a donor. I donate blood, so I thought why not donate sperm too? Athletic, funny, smart and motivated. I love kids and wish to help those who wish to have kids. Lives in Vancouver, BC. If you are interested, feel free to contact me.

  10. I’m Trevor looking to donate sperm in Manitoba I’m 26 6ft2 230lbs , I’m extremely fit as I am a professional athlete , I have 2 university degrees and a long list of academic and sport achievements , iq is government tested and ranked very high as well as clean medical records , I have blonde hair , baby blue eyes.

  11. I’m Derrick live in saskatoon have 2 daughters. 2 different moms I am half Chinese so tan nicely I have green eyes one daughter has green eyes the other dark blue I am 6″2 strong slender so children are slender leave no stretch marks coming out. No family history of mental birth defects and the family gene pool has longevity

  12. Hey, I’m Tyler
    I am 24 years old and looking to donate. I live in Winnipeg and willing to travel, I am full Caucasian. Blue eyes and Brown thick hair that curls when grown out. I am athletic, mostly into boxing and jujitsu. Healthy as can be, no health problems in the family whats so ever. I am the oldest and only boy. I have 2 sister. I would love to help a couple or person who dream of having a child. I am inspired to do this from a man I am close with who has successfully help a couple, they have a boy and a girl. The joy and happiness they have is something I would love to give.
    check out my profile on here to lean more about me.

    View Tylers Profile and contact NOW!

  13. Hi my name is Jason and I am 35 year old man looking to donate. I am 6ā€4 with brown eyes, brown wavy hair. I am half First Nations and part Norwegian and Polish with all men from my Polish side being over 6 feet tall and some women being 5ā€9 and over.

    My family does not have any genetic family health problems and older relatives all passed away in their late 80ā€™s. message me if you think I can help you with being a donor.

    View Jason’s Profile and PRIVATE MESSAGE NOW!

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