Aaron – Offering sperm donation

I am offering a donation, let me give you my history.

I am a young man, athletic throughout my life, no major health problems what so ever, no allergies. My parents and grandparents and great grandparents have had no serious health problems or even arthritis, literally no problems. I have freckles from my mothers side, red hair from my grandfather although i am the only one with red hair out of 8 kids and probably 20 grand children. Everybody else has brown or blonde hair. I have hazel eyes, everybody in my family has brown eyes except two of my cousins with blue eyes. There has been no fertility problems at all. Blood type O+ i believe (unsure if + or -).

Mental history: Undiagnosed depression (not severe), and mild anxiety (not classified as a disorder). IQ of 145 at age 11, high IQ in all siblings and relatives. Memory, cognitive, motor and problem solving skills rated at University and top 1% levels at age 11.

My donations are not free, i am looking to make some spare cash and help some people out. Make an offer.


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