a girl – looking for a sperm donor in hamilton ontario

I am trying to get pregnant and my spouse is unfertile looking for a Caucasian Scottish or Irish male with good health in the immediate vicinity of Hamilton Ontario. you would really be making a dream come true.

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  1. yes brad that would be help full accept it will not allow me to post my email every time I try it deletes my comment, and there is no reply to comment via email button ?

    1. Hi,
      male, 6 feet tall, going to uni for engineering, brown, athletic, well built, average looking. i am a community person, i donot smoke/donot do drugs/donot drink. so want to help out people in need if u think i can help u please feel free to contact me via email and hopefully we can sort out something that can benefit u. from GTA, canada.
      **for more details plz contact me.

  2. Care to describe yourself and how old? How long have you been married?
    What are your expectations from the donor?


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