rabhu Sperm donor

I am 34 year male from India, in ottawa now as a med professional.172 cm tall, dark hair , dark eyes , brown , average looking healthy ,no family history of disease., non smoker , social drinking . like to help people , feel free to contact

Raymond Sperm donor

Hello I am 27 years old 6″1 and 185 pounds very athletic and I am red seal machinist who is amazing with math and science and art and music. Clean and tested 🙂 if you are Interested at all please feel free to contact me 🙂

Sperm Donor

Hello my name is Cheryl, located in Ottawa, Ontario and looking for a sperm donor for myself and my

transgendered partner! We are looking for someone who is of African American decent or light skinned. My

partner is half and half and I myself am cacuasian! We aren’t picky, as we want to just start a family of

our own before adopting!

JM Donor Seeker – Sperm Donor

My same sex partner and I have been in a relationship for 14 years. We are in out early 30’s and looking to start a family. We enjoy animals and have a good network of friends and family. I think we are honest, caring and outgoing people. One is in Healthcare and one in business. Looking for a donor in the atlantic provinces, preferably new brunswick. Looking for someone educated and who is healthy to help us out. Please send me a message. 🙂

Lucas Calgary based Sperm Donor

Hi I’m a fit healthy athletic young buck looking to help out anyone who needs a sperm donor. Am willing do AI or NI (will require STD tests please). Below are my Stats :

Skin tone : light brown.
Eye Color : Dark Brown
Hair Color : Black
Height : 5’10”
Build : Muscular
Education : Undergraduate (Engineering)

About me :
I love to hike, rock climb and run out doors. I’m a book worm and if I’m not at the gym or outdoors I’m reading a book. I have a kind heart and have no history of genetic illneses in my family. I haven’t been sick for atleast 7 years so I probably have a strong immune system. If you need to get in touch to request donation, email me at