Katie I need a sperm donor for my girlfriend and I

I’m looking for a sperm donor for my girlfriend and I. We live in London Ontario. I’m 19 and she’s 22. We are stable and have jobs. Looking for somebody with blonde hair, blue or green eyes, and slim build. Not willing to have sex either. Looking for a FREE donor as well .if you’re interested please contact me Thank you so much<3

David Healthy BC/AB sperm donor, will travel

I’m a very healthy (mentally as well as physically), intelligent, BC (born and raised) guy. I’m considered fairly attractive, outdoorsy, creative, spiritual and have many interests. I’ve always known I wanted to help bring life into the world but am single, so I will settle for sperm donation in order to help others acheive their dream of having a child. I’m open to continuing contact or a possible relationship, but will also be very discreet and open to no further contact if thats what you desire as long as you can assure me that the baby would be well loved and cared for. I can travel throughout western Canada. I believe NI is probably the best way, but would also be open to AI if you’re in a relationship and would be willing to donate for several days in a row near your fertile time if we can work that out. Good luck in your search!


Gafar Sperm donor

I have never done anything like this before but i have always been a humanitarian and would love to help any family in need of a sperm donor to help make the family whole; a child brings wholeness to the family.
Marital status: engaged

Ethnicity: African american

Sexuality: Male

Preferred Level of contact with the child: depends on what both parties want, doesn’t matter to me

Personal description: i am a nice person, though i am never done anything like this before, would love a couple in need of a child to start a family.

Method of conception: Artificial because i have a fiancee.


Shanice Looking for sperm donor in Cape Breton


I am a single, Caucasian, lesbian. I am twenty three, and am looking to have my first child.

I would prefer to have a no contact situation, however depending on the person I would be open to visitations.

I am 5’6 and plus sized, with blue eyes and black hair, and fair skin.
I do not have a preference for race or ethnicity for a donor.

I have an extremely close and dedicated family, and my child would be loved and very well taken care for.