Kayla Looking for sperm donor winnipeg

My partner and I have decided we are more than ready to start a family, as we are a same sex couple it’s a little bit more challenging. My partner and I are both working full time, we have a stable home and both are more than excited to add a little one in to our lives. We are looking for an honest respectful man to donate is sperm and help us out, we are not looking for co parenting in anyway, we are looking for artificial insemination. Your messages are welcomed if you believe you are the one to help us!


Steven Excellent donor in winnipeg

I would describe myself as confident and positive, but at the same time very down to earth, genuine, caring and young at heart. I am intelligent, believe in lifelong learning and enjoy good conversation. I can easily travel anywhere most times am in excellent health and have a healthy family history and a Nonsmoker.
I am an engineer which is my full-time profession. I am very social, enjoy my friends and am highly driven with respect to my occupation. I am very independent, and self-sufficient
I am interested in helping that 1 special someone who wants an honest, good hearted, caring patient donor to help. I am a sincere, honest and very passionate man looking to help give the gift of life to somebody that truly wants to be a parent. It would be more than an immense vicarious joy helping others achieve their parental dreams. Looking to help others who are financially, physically and mentally stable enough to provide a healthy and positive home for a new child.