Rachel & Wynona Stable Lesbian Couple

My name is Rachel, me and my wife Wynona are ready to start our family. We’ve been together for 7 years and are financially stable enough to have a baby. We are looking for a native or brown male looking to donate sperm to help us start our family. We live in London, ON and are looking for a male in or around that area. If you can help us please email me as soon as possible. Thank you so much!

yycpix – Donor in Alberta

i’m 25 6′ donor here with good success, higher sperm count and no health issues at all. do nar he re at g ma il. open for AI, PI, NI. home location in calgary but willing to travel canada wide (some conditions) and i’ll be traveling Ontario Toronto and Niagara side last week of August but will be back in Calgary mid September. anyone need my help that time feel free contact with me. Cheers

Mijanoue – Looking for a donor

Hi my girlfriend an I are seeking to find a donor I will be the one carrying im 19 years old we already have an 8 months

old son . We are from hawkesbury ontario .
We are not looking for anything particular but we are doing it all artificial no relation if you think you are what we need

write to us 🙂

To the pleasure to talk