Jaime – Searching for a Sperm Donor

Hi, My fiance and I have discussed having a child for some time. We are getting married in September and are seeking a sperm donor from the South Shore of Nova Scotia. We are looking for someone who will not want any ties with the child. We have a lot of love to give to a child and are requesting your help in fulfilling this dream. My fiance has expressed an interest in an African Child…but we are not limited to this request. Thank you in advanced!

Single bisexual man Looking to Co-parent or Become a sperm donor in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

Co-ParentMatch.com Profile ID: Cameron82
Single bisexual man
Looking to Co-parent or Become a sperm donor
Age: 27
Location: Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

Other Info: I am a 27 year old bisexual man currently in a gay relationship with a man who is not interested in pursuing parenthood. It is important for me (for some primal reason maybe?) to have my own biological child, if I can help people have a child at that same time – all the better. I think that an open arrangement is important (IE, staying in contact), but it is not important for me to have intimate involvement in child rearing at this point.
I am a tall, fit, intelligent man and I have strong virtues.
It would be important for me to meet a woman/couple and determine that would could be/will be friends before settling into an arrangement. For some reason I prefer to help out a lesbian couple, but I am willing to consider anyone.