GioNate Gay couple in Montreal looking to co-parent

Gay couple here (GioNate1 on We are looking for a nice individual or couple to co parent with. If we click – we are open to discussing how to structure co parenting in the best way for parents and a child(children), ideally we would like to either be hands on co parents (open to be primary caregivers) or to be actively involved in child’s life. Between us we share 6 ethnic backgrounds and 6 languages. We are professional, educated, open minded, progressive, and fun.

Mindy Married lesbian couple looking for Sperm donor Montreal

Hi, we are a young and active married lesbian couple. We are looking to start a family and looking for a sperm donor in the Montreal area. We are well established and fully able to love and support our future child. We are not looking to co parent but willing and open to talk about options to keep in touch with sperm donor. AI only, preferably At home AI

Chris – Montreal and Ottawa – Donor

I am an upstanding, attractive, compassionate, educated, and intelligent business owner. I am seeking male infertile couples or well established single females. I currently have 2 successful offspring (no contact). Fully tested. AI preferred, but I am open to options. Available in Montreal and Ottawa.

28years old Male
142IQ with Bachelors
Caucasian with brown hair and blue eyes
Non-smoking, non-drinking.

Mary – sperm donor wanted in Montreal

Me and my husband are looking for a healthy Caucasian donor around Montreal, Ottawa area. Our greatest dream is to become parents.
I am interested just in AI only.
We are looking for someone who wants no contact with the child after conception because we want to raise the child as our own.
We are asking for recent STD blood tests and successful sperm test.

Thank you,

Mary112 Looking for sperm donor in Montreal, Canada

My husband and I are unable to have children together and we are looking for a healthy male to be our donor. We want nothing more than to be parents. We are looking for young healthy attractive Caucasian male who wants no updates or any ties to the child. I am very grateful to see how many wonderful people are out there who are willing to help create life. Please email me at ———————

Single bisexual woman Looking to Co-parent in Montreal, Quebec, Canada Profile ID: Larissa5
Single bisexual woman
Looking to Co-parent
Age: 33
Location: Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Other Info: I am looking for a co-parent (man) to share ALL the responsibilities that come with parenting, a person who would want to participate in child’s life from the very beginning and share the financial responsibilities too (50%/50%).