Ben South Asian Sperm donor

I’m father of two kids. First time we had to do it twice and second time just once. That’s why I believe I have very fertile sperms. I believe this is a gift and should help anyone in the world who need it. My preferred method is IVF so in this I will not have guilt of infidelity with my partner. But I really want to help anyone. No restrictions of color, age, race or anything else. If I can bring pleasure to anyone’s life I will be proud.

I’m Indian 32 male light brown color. Hair color black, medium built, 5 ‘8″ fiendly & full of humor. With 16 years of engineering education. I live in Calgary, Alberta

Contact me at


Amanda – Lesbian couple seeking donor

We are 27 year old caucasian, lesbian couple looking for a sperm donor. My partner is a general labourer and I am a nurse. Both of us have a love for sports and I play competitively 4-5x per week. An intelligent, athletic and HEALTHY donor preferred. Not discriminative, but can you please respond with age, height, weight, level of education and race so we have a good idea of what our options are. No commitment to the child necessary but donor should be in the Southern Alberta area.

Alberta Donor

Hello, I am a sperm donor from Alberta. I am 30 years old, 5’11, have dark blond hair and green eyes.

I have children of my own, and have in the past helped other couples with their fertility needs. I do this because I enjoy helping others and I love children.

I am drug and disease free, willing to be tested, and have no known health issues (in terms of my family history, there is a history of high blood pressure but that is about all I am aware of).

Please get in contact with me via e-mail if you have any questions. I am open to travel. I look forward to reading/hearing of you soon!

kristine – looking for sperm donor in alberta

Hi, my husband and I are currently attending the RFP program in calgary and are very disappointed with their service. We live in northern alberta and just want to have a baby without spending a fortune trying.

Husband had a vasectomy when he was was with his first wife. So he cannot help.

We are looking for a white donor with brown, blonde or red hair. I would love for the donor to have scotish ancestry. AI Only not interested in NI.

If you are interested you must get tested for disease.

Katie – Looking for a donor

Hello my name is Katie, me and my husband of 6 years are looking to have a baby. From his previous relationship he had a vasectomy and can not help me have a baby. I am looking for someone who can help me out. I’m at that stage in my life where all I want is a baby. I am looking for someone who wouldn’t want any part in the childs life. if that sounds like something you could help us out with the would be great. Thanks

Collette- Searching for a sperm donor in Alberta

Looking to start plan B…
I will be doing AI, this is strictly a donation and I have contracts stating that this is my baby and in no way are you legally obligated to support or raise this child! The reason I am choosing to do it this way is banks charge an arm and a leg for everything from startup fees, to searching, to saving, and transferring, etc. Feel free to email me ————————–

If you would like the child to know who you are in the future or if you wish to remain anonymous that will be your choice except for the obvious medical survey, photos, etc. that you provide.

-Must provide current picture & child/baby pictures
-Must have up to date health screening (std free)
-willing to answer short medical survey and questionaire

HAIR: Blonde/Dirty Blonde/Light Brown/Medium Brown
EYES: Blue/Blue Green/Hazel Blue/Grey
-must know own birth weight

Extra Bownie Points if:
-You have Dimples
-You have Long Lashes
-You are a twin and twins run in your family
-You were an early talker/reader
-You have a creative personality
-You are musically talented
-You are not Hairy…