Augustus I am willing to donate

Single heterosexual male, 48. I am brown eyed, 6’2″ in excellent health, I carry the blond

hair/blue/green eyed gene.I regularly donate blood so you know I have no stds. I have a BSc (Honours) in

Physics, an MSc in Physics and Physical Oceanography and a PHd in Earth and Ocean Sciences. I am well

published if you’d care to check. I come from a big family here in Newfoundland. I do have

osteoarthritis, but that can be managed before it becomes an issue if you’re looking forward. I just

think that my qualities might be a match for you. I am also an artists, painting, sketching, carving.

I’m a writer of science and anything else that takes my fancy. My latest work can be found in Doyle’s

Almanac of Newfoundland. I am in St. John’s. Contact me if you wish.

Taylor and Khol – Help us start a family.

Hello, we are an engaged couple and have been together for eight long years. We are looking to start our family, but sadly I can’t get my fiance pregnant due to a medical condition.
We would love for someone to be able to help us out, we are located in St. John’s Newfoundland and are willing to travel or host someone if they travel to us.
The only thing we ask to provide us with your medical history, have blue eyes, STD tests as well. (only looking for AI donor).