Justine Looking for a sperm donor in Metro Vancouver

Hi there, we are a married les couple in Vancouver. Looking for a healthy sperm donor to help us become parents. Preferred donor is Asian and under 40, but we are open to all volunteers. Please contact via email if interests, and thanks for all the replies.


38 Single Looking for an Asian Donor preferablly Indian or Pakistani

I am single,  from Philippines now holding a Permanent Resident of Canada, have a permanent fulltime job as a childcare giver. I would like to have my own child before I hit 40. I love kids, been in 1 failed relationship once and never got a chance to have a child from that now that I am living alone I would like to be a mom.

Jennifer Seeking Sperm Donor to fulfill lifelong dream

I am a 34 year old woman in Northern Ontario. I have had fertility issues my entire adult life, and have lost two pregnancies due to miscarriage because of thise issues. I had one child when I was young, and always assumed that growing my family in my adult years would be easy. Instead I have experienced a decade of heartache.

I am blessed to have a wonderful friend who is willing to surrogate for me, but she’s only the oven and egg donor – I still need help making the bun!

Looking for a healthy sperm donor with proven fertility. Preferably caucasian, blonde or brunette, with light coloured eyes, and tall. (I am hoping to find a donor who looks somewhat like me so that there are some chances of having a resemblance to the child).

I am not looking for a co-parenting situation. I would want a donor who is willing to donate enough of a sample to insert daily during a week of ovulation, ship it, and have no further involvement.

Please help my dream come true, and let my friend help give me the most incredible gift.

Jason Sperm donor

In Calgary I’m a clean ddf male I have a natural athleticly toned with light caramel skin hazel brown eyes an dark brown hair and able to have a beard I already have 5 kids an sure as hell make cute kids but im done with kids my self but still have lots of life to give to the right family or persons who are looking to make a family I am not into co parenting.

David Healthy BC donor available

Hi, I’m new to this but would like to help in any way. I’m from BC. healthy and disease free. Can readily travel in BC and Alberta. Willing to go anywhere in Canada but that would require a buit of preplanning. I’m intelligent, creative, and generally considered attractive. I’m Caucasian with brown hair and hazel eyes. British Isles and Scandinavian ancestry.

rabhu Sperm donor

I am 34 year male from India, in ottawa now as a med professional.172 cm tall, dark hair , dark eyes , brown , average looking healthy ,no family history of disease., non smoker , social drinking . like to help people , feel free to contact